Happy May Day…I think I’m back!

It's been a pretty eventful year. A little over twelve months ago, my husband and I decided to uproot our entire lives and move across the country. If you follow me on Instagram (what? why not? click here to see fun stuff! I post fun pictures of my travels and my new town) you've seen the pictures.  It's definitely time to update my website though because my Ten Things You Didn't Need To Know About Me is seriously out of date. 🙂

The good news is that life is good. However, my writing schedule was pretty much derailed by moving across the country and living in two temporary homes until we moved into our new house. Having your life in storage for six months is very interesting. I'm still not all the way unpacked. But that's okay.

I had a book come out in the middle of all this craziness, but it didn't get much love. So here's a small teaser for your visual pleasure. I hope you'll check out Everything He Wants.

As always, thank you so much for your support!!

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Everything He Wants (Billionaire Breakfast Club #1)

A #MeetCute Romance…Everything He Wants (Billionaire Breakfast Club #1 The Jock)

So excited to announce the release of Everything He Wants, a #MeetCute Romance and Billionaire Breakfast Club #1 The Jock.

So how did Elise and D'Andre meet? Their friends set them up…for an interview.

Boy Meets Girl. It's the way romances usually begin…and while we all love a happy ending, it's the #meetcute that wins our hearts.

My book in the #MeetCute Romance series features D’Andre Smith, a former NFL wide receiver with a secret, and Elise Putnam, a burgeoning reporter with a need to prove herself. From the moment they meet, their attraction is off the charts, even though for multiple reasons, they should be off limits to each other.

D’Andre loves his mother. She supported him working two jobs so that he could pursue a football career and now he takes care of her. She also hates reporters, so when she catches D and Elise at lunch he does the only thing he can do. He lies and tells his mother Elise is his lunch date. She agrees to go along with the deception, but for a price.

Here’s an excerpt of Everything He Wants:

D pulled out his phone and clumsily texted his momma a good morning.

Predictably, his phone rang. “Hi, Momma.”

“You know I don’t like that texting. Why don’t anyone just pick up a phone and call anymore?”

D’Andre sighed. “I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Talkin’ to my baby boy is never a bother.” She sniffed.

He was six four and two hundred seventy pounds, down thirty from his NFL career days, but to his mother he was still her baby.

“Thanks, Momma.” His voice softened and his mouth curved. “Everything okay there?” He’d bought her the house in Brookline with his signing bonus ten years ago.

“The newfangled dishwasher is running rough.”

“I’ll get a repairman out there first thing.”

“Thanks, baby.”

“Anything for you,” D’Andre said softly. His mother had sacrificed her best years to support him. Now it was his turn. “What’s on your agenda for today?”

His mother kinda sounded like she was huffing and puffing. “Meeting some girls from church for an early birthday lunch.”

A rustling behind him caught his ear and D turned around to see a stunning woman approaching his table.

Once during his rookie year in the NFL, he’d taken a hit so hard he’d been flat out on his back, the turf prickling his calves, breath clawing to escape his chest. The sky had swirled above him, a bright brilliant blue while he tried to remember who, and where, he was.

With one glance at this woman’s dazzling ice blue eyes, his heart thunked in his chest and his head swirled, as if he’d taken a similar hit. That sensation of being flat out gobsmacked pummeled him just like that monster tackle from a three-hundred-fifty pound linebacker. He shook his head, trying to clear the sensation of having his bell rung.

F*ck him.

She wore a mannish navy suit with matching pointy flats. Not the least bit sexy. And yet he wanted to pull her into his embrace and hold on tight. A waterfall of straight platinum hair framed a stunning face of classic bone structure, bright blue eyes and a wide, unsmiling mouth.

“Mr. Smith.” Not a question. Slightly haughty, frosty, ice princess.

He realized he’d been far too silent and his mother had been chattering away on the other end of the line.

“Well then, have a good lunch.” He managed to finish his call without babbling like an idiot. He blindly pressed the end button. He guessed this was the reporter. She certainly didn’t dress like a groupie.

That untouchable queen to peasant thing was really doing it for him. He’d never had this kind of physical reaction to a woman in his life. But he had to ignore it. Because her profession killed any possibility of engaging beyond this interview. Reporters were off-limits. For so, so many reasons.

So instead of asking her on a date, preferably one that started right here and ended upstairs in the Harvey Parker suite with both of them naked, he was going to ignore this insane attraction and do what he always did.

Flirt, distract, deflect, and get rid of her fast after he got his message across. He’d be out of here in thirty. He’d ignore his visceral reaction and get it done.


Everything He Wants…Billionaire Breakfast Club #1 The Jock

Their friends set up an interview, it was supposed to be simple….

D’Andre Smith has it all.

Fame. Money. Women. On the outside, his life looks perfect. But he's got a secret that could destroy it all, so the last woman he should get involved with is a reporter.

Elise Putnam is searching for a scoop to scoop all scoops to prove her investigative chops, so the last thing she should do is get involved with an interview subject.

Their instant attraction has the potential to develop into something more if D opens his heart and Elise opens her mind. But their ingrained desire to protect their secrets may be stronger than their love….

Happy Reading!






What’s your biggest regret?

His Semi-Charmed Life…is all about regrets and second chances. But perhaps not in the way you're thinking, since this is a romance. This goes back farther, back to when Diego Ramos and Penny Hastings were kids at a summer camp. One conversation changed both their lives….

June 1997

Worst. Summer. Ever.

Diego Ramos strode out to the parking lot, ignoring the rules to go check on his precious car. His ’69 Charger had gotten him here but he’d lost his muffler on the way up. He’d growled the final miles to Camp Firefly Falls on the faulty part.

He’d been working on this car forever. He was finally old enough—sort of—to drive it, even though he’d been tooling around Dot illegally for the past few years.

He was working all summer to pay for the muffler at cost. He’d been planning to buy the one Tío Raul had at his garage. But before Diego could scrape together the money, one of Raul’s full-paying customers needed one and his uncle couldn’t turn down the sale. Their family friend Hector said he might be able to get his hands on a replacement. Might. But if he got a full paying customer, Hector had to sell it to them, because he needed the money too.

It was the worst to be stuck here. He totally understood that if they had buyers while he was here at camp, he was screwed. He had to stay at camp to make enough money to buy the part.

He kicked at a stone, sent it scuttling into the brush that lined the path.

A single spotlight on a post cast more shadows than illumination over the lot—which was really just a decent-sized opening between two stands of trees.

Diego opened the hood. Not a squeak. He took damn good care of his baby.

He stroked the sleek, clean engine like he was petting his little cousin’s cat. “Soon, baby. You’ll be all prettied up,” he crooned to the engine like she was a girl.

He flushed, glanced around, but no one had seen him talking to his car like she was real.

Diego climbed up on the trunk of his car and lay back to stare up at the stars. The Charger was the one constant in his life. His mother and father were in and out. He had bounced from relative to relative until his uncle got married a few years ago and then he’d gone to live with his tío and tía permanently.

His uncle got him this camp job through one of his customers. Diego was supposed to be thankful for it. He was. Sort of. He’d never tell anyone but he missed his little cousins, Raul Jr. and Zinnia, even though they annoyed him ninety-nine percent of the time.

One thing he’d give to these mountains, the sky was amazing. Light from the stars twinkled in deep blue mysterious space.

“What’cha doing?”

He jerked up so fast his head went dizzy.

And there she was.

He hated working here. Little Miss Princess Penelope embodied every single reason. She was only like nine years old and so damn smug. She’d been whining since her parents dropped her off at the beginning of the week. They were in Europe. Without her. Boo. Fricking. Hoo.

“You’re not supposed to be out here,” he snarled. Dammit. Why was she here?

Penelope Hastings stood there looking at him with those stupidly innocent, bright green eyes. “Neither are you.”

“Get back to your cabin.” Except he was going to have to take her. He couldn’t let her wander around in the dark. Part of his job was making sure the campers were safe.

“Why are you so upset?” She stepped closer to his car.

Her pout caused everything to bubble up inside him. Couldn’t he get frustrated and angry in peace? Couldn’t he have one damn minute alone? Apparently not, if he wanted enough money to keep fixing up his baby.

“Let me take you back to your cabin.” Diego sighed. He slid off the trunk, dropped to the dirt and gravel parking lot, then took a second to stroke his palm over the blue paint before he gently eased the hood closed.

She danced back a step. “Is something wrong with your car?”


She frowned, her ginger eyebrows crinkled as if the concept of car problems was beyond her. “Why even bother working on that old piece of junk?”

Junk? Maybe to her it was junk but to him this car was everything. It was freedom. It was life. It was his future.

“Aren’t you only fifteen?”

And she was nine. They’d done the whole introduce yourself in a circle on the first day. So he knew her name was Penelope Hastings, she was rich as fuck, and so super sad that her parents had left her at camp instead of taking her to Europe.

“So?” So he’d driven here slightly illegally. So the fuck what? He had his permit.

“Well, if you’re only fifteen—” She laughed, a delighted trill of sound, like the birds in the forest only softer, and weirdly sweeter. “When’s your birthday?”

He trudged toward the line of cabins where the girls stayed. “September.”

What that had to do with anything he had no fucking idea. Of course, he never claimed to understand rich kids. They lived in their own stupid bubble.

She clapped her soft pale hands and laughed again. “Well then, silly. You only have to wait a couple more months and you’ll get your new car for your sixteenth birthday!”

She dropped the words so eagerly, so happily, as if she’d magically solved his problem and everyone in the fucking world got a car when they turned sixteen.

“That’s about as likely as the Red Sox winning the World Series.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Welcome to the real world where kids don’t get new cars on their birthdays, you spoiled brat.” Shit, he was going to get in trouble for that. He was a counselor. And he needed this job so he could afford the parts for his beloved car.

Yeah, the owners made it seem like they were all equal and happy and shit, but the reality was, Diego worked for Miss Richy-Rich Hastings.

“Oh.” Her face fell, her brows scrunched together as if she were actually trying to imagine a world where kids didn’t get a new car when they turned sixteen. “So not everyone gets a car?”

Could this kid be any dumber?

“There’s a whole world of people who don’t have food to eat at night, don’t wear shoes without holes.” Ugh, she glanced down at his feet and his ratty old Converse. “And don’t get new cars. So, no.”

“That’s…too bad.”

“Yeah, it’s a real fucking nightmare.”

Her shoulders slumped. Her dark ginger hair was almost Charger Red in the soft light of the parking lot.

“Well,” she said brightly, her smile reappearing. “My dad always says, ‘How do we turn this failure into a success?’”

“I’m a failure? Thanks for making your opinion loud and clear.”

God, he hated her. She was everything he wasn’t. Clean and perfect. Her blindingly bright white tennis shoes and her naïve, always smiling face versus his threadbare high tops, soles so worn they were just about to crack, and his scowl.

Her smile faltered. “Oh no, of course not. He just says, ‘When things don’t go the way you planned, you work with what you’ve got, and turn that negative into a positive.’”

“I’ve got nothing.” Diego spit out the words. He wanted, with an agonizing pain in his heart, to throw some dirt on her. To ruin that sparkly perfection so she was as dirty and grumpy and mean as he felt inside. “So get the hell out of here, you stupid little rich girl.”

Tears filled her bright green eyes. She lifted her trembling chin and shot him a vengeful glare. “I was just trying to be a good friend.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t need any friends. Go away.”

She finally ran down the path toward the cabins. He should go after her, follow her and make sure she got back to her cabin without harm. But he flung himself on the hood of the car.

He was so getting fired.

As he lay there, his initial rage simmered and stewed as he kept reviewing their conversation. And dammit, the picture she painted wouldn’t leave him.

A new car for his sixteenth birthday. The promise that he’d never go cold or hungry again. The shiny idea that he could turn a failure into a success dangled out of reach like a sparkling lure on the hook of life.

He lay under the stars dreaming of that life and ignoring the reality that he was probably going to get fired. Which would mean no new part for his car, no awesome life, no perfect future.

But in the morning, a subdued, less sparkly Penelope Hastings never said a word to the camp director. She also never spoke to Diego again. He knew he should apologize. But he didn’t.

That regret festered in his heart. Once he got back to Dorchester, he decided he could apologize next summer. But after that first summer, he’d been able to work in his uncle’s garage, learning more about cars and mechanic skills. Then camp closed and he never got the chance to apologize.

But he never forgot her.

Diego Ramos and Penny Hastings in a reversal of fortune romance

What happens when Diego and Penny end up back at Camp Firefly Falls?




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Hunted Book Blitz and Giveaway!

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Good luck everyone!! <3 Lisa


Hunted (ALIAS #2) Out Now!

Hello everyone! So happy to announce that the next book in my ALIAS series is out! Maria Torres (who you first meet in Still the One, Family Stone #4 Jack) finally gets her Happy Ever After. Maria was a hard character to write. She was kidnapped and imprisoned for eight long years. Then she escaped, by herself, and went after the man responsible for her solitary incarceration. You see her again in Cold As Stone, Family Stone #7 John) when she's just starting to come out of her shell and take back her life. In Hunted, Maria has almost overcome her fears and begun to live. Which is why when she's stuck in a cabin with her office crush (Dwayne Lameko from Stalked), she decides to go after what she wants. Him.

Here's a small excerpt:

He was sorry? She stepped to her left, trying again to go around him and get away from his dominating presence. “I don’t need your pity.”

He stepped to his right, blocking her way again. He loomed over her, but she didn’t feel threatened. Caged, anxious to get away from him? Yes.

But not scared. She knew in her soul he wouldn’t hurt her.

“You really think pity is what I feel?” He tipped his head, bringing their faces closer together. So close she was again aware of the flecks of brown and green and gold in his dark eyes.

“No. Yes. I don’t know.” She’d been lost for eight years. Social cues bewildered her. She had no idea what he was thinking. She only knew she needed to get away from him.

But he appeared oddly hurt.

His broad shoulders blocked the fading light from the window, casting the kitchen in shadows and mystery.

“I would never hurt you.”

Not physically. “I know.”

As if he couldn’t help himself, he cupped her shoulders in his big palms. Maria’s breath caught. Held.

He was touching her again. Third time today.


Dwayne frowned. Maria had tensed beneath his hands.

On the ride from the airport, the scent of her shampoo had swirled in his senses. When she’d stroked the leather seat of the of the Range Rover, he’d started to get an erection, imagining her stroking him in more intimate places. But that was never going to happen.

His stomach churned with regret. “Then why are you still so upset?”

Her body language was all wrong. She was stiff, uncomfortable, and he didn’t know why. Her shoulders were delicate beneath his much larger palms. “No one touches me.”

Shit. He lifted his hands away from her body, fast. “Sorry.” Jesus, he’d apologized to her more in the past hour than he’d apologized to anyone in years. He was a “live and let live” guy with solid core values and a confidence in his moral compass.

“No. No.” She straightened her shoulders, stared defiantly. “No one touches me.”

His heart clenched. No one touched her? He thought about his family. They were always touching. Affectionate. He recalled her stiffness in his mother’s arms.


“They’re afraid.”

Dwayne snorted. She was five feet of nothing with soft curves and a sweet smile. “Of what?”

She shrugged. Looked out the kitchen window over the sink. “I’m a freak,” she said softly. “Nature or nurture. Except I didn’t have any nurture for…a while.”

“I’m sorry.”

She stomped her foot. “Don’t be sorry. Talk to me.”

How could she throw him so far off his stride? “I am.”

“Not like you talk to other…people.”

Other people?

“Women. Dwayne.” Once she let go, she let go. “Other women. You flirt, you tease. But with me, you just….”

Avoid. Of course he did. He wanted her far too much.

What the hell had Jillian been thinking to pair them together on this op? He took an instinctive step back.

“Am I so repellent then?”

What? “It’s not you.”

She laughed harshly. “C’mon, Dwayne. I might have been in forced solitary confinement for eight years but even I know that’s bullshit.”

He blinked. He’d never heard her swear before.

“It’s not bullshit,” he began defensively.

She snorted, that little sound of derision goading him. “Right.” Her sarcasm hit him in the gut. When she didn’t argue any more, didn’t fight back, underscoring the truth that she didn’t believe him, something snapped.

“I’m attracted to you.” The confession burst out of him with an alarming speed.

Her mouth opened and closed like she was a fish out of water. “What?” she said faintly. A deep burgundy flush spread up her neck and over her face, her eyes sparkling with temper. He’d clearly rendered her speechless.

“You heard me the first time.”

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ALIAS (Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates) out now!

I have a new series that began last year. ALIAS: Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates. I started thinking about this series years ago after reading a fascinating book about the US Marshal witness protection program (WitSec). It was initially designed to shelter criminals who were testifying against criminal organizations. So it was really rough for ordinary people who needed to disappear. That lead me to a book on how regular people who haven't done anything wrong can disappear. Jillian Larsen and Marshall Adams, former US Marshals, are the founders of ALIAS. Jill is first introduced in Still the One (Family Stone #4 Jack). I am so pleased that I was finally able to bring ALIAS and this series to life. I hope you'll enjoy!

What do you do when you’re the victim of a crime but no one believes you? Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates, ALIAS, helps ordinary citizens in danger when they need to disappear.


Stalked: Opposites attract, unfortunately.

Rule follower, Federal US Deputy Marshal Alex Saunders has been assigned to protect a federal judge after the judge receives death threats. This detail is standard until the judge insists on his son’s PR firm provide backup security, which isn’t even in the rule book. But because Alex is already in hot water, he follows orders to keep the judge happy.

Rule breaker, and former CIA analyst, Kita Ferguson reluctantly agrees to go undercover, posing as the judge’s aide slash girlfriend, but in return she expects her boss at ALIAS to help her protect an abused woman and her nieces even though technically keeping the children from their father is against the law.

Stalked: What happens when you know you're in danger but no one believes you?

From the very start, Alex and Kita disagree about everything. But their sizzling attraction continues to grow as the threats against the judge escalate and put them all in danger. Can these two opposites find enough common ground outside the bedroom, or will their diverse philosophies result in disaster?


There’s only one thing worse than seeing your unrequited crush every day at the office…and that’s getting trapped with him in a snowy mountain cabin.

Maria Torres has been through hell and back. A former kidnapping victim, she’s used to being famous for all the wrong reasons and having people handle her with kid gloves. And it seems that the man of her dreams, Dwayne Lameko, is no different.

So when an ALIAS client requests her presence on an op, Maria believes she’s ready to spread her wings and prove all her co-workers wrong…especially Dwayne. But when danger follows them into the wilderness, Maria has no choice but to prove to herself and Dwayne that she’s strong enough to handle anything…even his love.

Maria Torres was first introduced in the Family Stone series, Still the One. She finally gets her happily ever after!!!

I hope you'll come on the journey of the ALIAS family as they find danger and love.

Happy Reading!

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Stalked (ALIAS #1) Teaser Tuesday

Happy October 11th!! My new series kicks off in three weeks! Here's a little teaser for you 🙂  Pre-order links herepremium-clothing-co

The Nostradamus Prophecies

I released a new series this year: The Nostradamus Prophecies. I love, love, love the premise of this series. A modern day descendant of Nostradamus has to decipher his prophecies to stop world destruction. But she can’t tell anyone who she is. There are two books so far, View To A Kill and Never Say Never.


VIEW TO A KILL features Nik, our tortured hero who can’t figure out why his friend John committed suicide, and Mari, John’s secret twin who does not believe her brother would kill himself.

To learn the truth about what happened to her twin, a woman must trust his CIA partner to lead her into a nightmare world of twisted plots and old prophecies.

Visited in dreams each night by her dead twin, a young financial analyst believes his suicide was really murder. When she learns his CIA partner has the same dreams, she uses their fiery attraction to convince him to keep her close while they search for answers. They uncover a paranormal world she only suspected … and they learn that the truth can be much, much worse than suspicions.

Every night a dead man visits her …
Mari Johnson’s dead twin visits nightly–in her dreams. But what is he trying to tell her? The CIA claims his death was a suicide, but she refuses to believe it. There’s no way John would leave her alone. Since she can’t trust the shadow organization for answers, she turns to his sexy, former partner Nik … the man who was with him when he died.

Every night he relives a death he should have prevented …
Nik Stanley watched his best friend & partner die. Now he can’t shake the guilt that haunts him. He and John worked together in Project Specter, using their paranormal talents to gather intelligence. Nik is superb at his job … so why didn’t he know something was wrong? And who is the mysterious woman who is suddenly everywhere he turns in his investigation?

The next deaths may be their own …
To get answers, Mari must stay close to Nik. Not exactly a hardship … until he becomes suspicious. Only one way to divert his attention—show him how combustible they can be together.

But emerging from passion, they realize they’ve attracted the attention of powerful enemies who will do anything to make sure their secrets remain hidden. Will Mari and Nik discover the truth in time to prevent more deaths … and avert a major catastrophe?

Don’t miss this thrilling, sexy plunge into the world of espionage and paranormal intrigue–get your copy of A VIEW TO A KILL today!

NEVER SAY NEVER is the follow on story featuring Kelvin Jackson, another of the psychic band of brothers, and Eva Pacheco, the daughter of a vicious cartel leader and the local witch in her town.

A very special team of operatives goes deep into Mexican cartel territory … but their point man would rather go deep with the cartel boss’s daughter.

This hero doesn’t do guns, gangs or crying women …
Kelvin Jackson has had a lifetime’s worth of all three. But thanks to his remote viewing of the inside of a remote cartel compound in Mexico, he’s in for a lot more. He spots the Russian-made weapons his team is after, and a beautiful woman in mortal danger. His mission–stop the weapons from being distributed by the cartel. Can he do this and save the woman?

She needs a man who’ll stop at nothing to save her …
Eva Pacheco has watched her father kill everyone who mattered–except her younger brother. Now he uses her bruja powers for profit. She’s getting ready to flee with her brother. But the huge, battle-scarred American her father just hired steps square in the middle of her escape route.

If they don’t work together, the next deaths will be their own …
Eva is irresistibly drawn to the warrior who saves her from a brutal attack, and shields her from her father. But she can’t let their sizzling attraction interfere with the plan she’s already put in play. Kel soon realizes a different woman lives under her glamorous façade. But her explosive secrets place his entire op in danger–because someone else has a deadly plan for the cache of weapons, and for Eva.

Don’t miss this heart-stopping, sexy plunge into the world of deadly cartels and assassins–get your copy of Never Say Never today!
I hope you’ll check out this new series today! Happy Reading! <3 Lisa

Coming Later in October: ALIAS
A new series based on Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates, featured in Still the One and Cold As Stone from the Family Stone series.