Cold As Stone

Cold As Stone is the conclusion of the saga of the Stone siblings.

Nothing is ever set in STONE…
Former Marine, John Pulaski, the surprise half-brothe
r of the Stone siblings takes a trial job at Stone Consulting with hopes of making it permanent. Given a mission to find two missing women, John will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets to their abduction. His stunning and
driven partner is the only hitch in his plan.
After a tragic incident two years ago, former FBI agent, Rissa Evans freezes at any sign of conflict, but she's bound and determined to overcome her personal obstacles to prove to her irresistibly sexy and infuriating partner that she's got what it
takes to solve the case. As John and Rissa dig deeper into the case, their unwanted attraction intensifies, taking them both by surprise.
But the two wounded souls have to put aside their desires, in
order to find the monster who steals the lives of innocent women.
With time running out and so much on the line, can they let go of
the scars of their past to discover what they're really looking for?
This book also includes Jack and Bliss's wedding. 🙂