Stalked, the first book in ALIAS, coming October 31st!

Stalked: What happens when you know you're in danger but no one believes you?

Stalked: What happens when you know you're in danger but no one believes you?

So excited to announce that the first book in my new series, ALIAS, is available for pre-order now!

What do you do when you’re the victim of a crime but no one believes you? Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates, ALIAS, helps ordinary citizens in danger when they need to disappear.

Stalked: Opposites attract, unfortunately.

Rule follower, Federal US Deputy Marshal Alex Saunders has been assigned to protect a federal judge after the judge receives death threats. This detail is standard until the judge insists on his son’s PR firm provide backup security, which isn’t even in the rule book. But because Alex is already in hot water, he follows orders to keep the judge happy.

Rule breaker, and former CIA analyst, Kita Ferguson reluctantly agrees to go undercover, posing as the judge’s aide slash girlfriend, but in return she expects her boss at ALIAS to help her protect an abused woman and her nieces even though technically keeping the children from their father is against the law.

From the very start, Alex and Kita disagree about everything. But their sizzling attraction continues to grow as the threats against the judge escalate and put them all in danger. Can these two opposites find enough common ground outside the bedroom, or will their diverse philosophies result in disaster?

Get ready for ALIAS, a spin-off series from Hughey's successful Family Stone series. We first meet Jillian Larsen in Still the One, Bliss and Jack's story, and we're introduced to Marissa in Cold As Stone. Want to know what happened to Maria Torres? Pick up your copy of Stalked today!


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Immediately Kita's gaze went to the unknown man. Up close his presence was even more compelling. Blue-black hair, a leanly-chiseled uncompromising face, and the stoic expression in his reserved pale blue eyes captivated her.
Like the magnetic pull of the moon, she couldn’t stop staring at him. She was drawn to him. Power. He had exuded it merely sitting in the effeminate chair.

His shoulders were broad, and although his button-down cotton shirt was just a little too loose to reveal the muscles beneath, she intuitively knew he was muscled strength underneath that dress shirt. And she wondered again who he was and what he wanted with her.

She knew what she wanted with him.

Hot sweaty sex. Early morning sex, late morning sex, afternoon sex, “hi, honey I’m home, holy-shit-can’t-make-it-to-the-bedroom-do-it-against-the-wall” sex.

Bad Kita. Not the time to be thinking about sex. She flushed, her body going hot and weak. Damn it.
As if by moving her gaze she could get rid of the potentially embarrassing attraction that swamped her body, Kita shifted her attention to the judge.

She’d known Marsh Adams since high school. Had even lived with him and his mom for the last half of her senior year but she’d never met Marsh’s father. She knew him through his actions though. The judge had pretty much ignored Marsh until his profession was of use to him. Judge Adams was a mover and a shaker in D.C. political circles. He was also the kind of user that made her skin crawl.

The older man was buffed and polished. He clearly visited his esthetician once a week, tanned and near glowing, like freaking neon in a pale yellow button down shirt and khakis. She’d bet her brand new, custom designed Trek Fuel-Ex mountain bike he got his fingernails manicured.

Instinctively, Kita curled her fingers under to hide her unpolished nails.

“Oh, she won’t do at all.”